Monday, May 21, 2007

why she has to do that?

why you have to say that infront of us?
why you keep on saying about that same thing?
why you have to again and again mumbling about that?
do you aware that we are bored bored bored of that.
maybe not we but me!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

lessons i learned

in my years of lives i have learned quite a number of things...

1. must keep a secret to ourselves - this i learned from my mum. she used to tell me that. u cant disclose everythg abt your personal matter even to your closest person in your life. spare that to your own good self

2. when you have a problem, talk to the right person - this i figured out myself. there were many times when i was so depressed with something and started to blurted to everyone that i know. it was truly a disaster because instead of me doing the right thing, they were misled me to another problem.

3. dont expect others to help you, help yourself. - yes people do care about us but we are the one suffers, dont waste your time waiting, react. dont wait for others to help you instead start do something for yourself.

4. as a malay proverb says, buat baik berpada², buat jahat jangan sekali - i strongly believe in this. we never know that sometimes the one that we helps will be the one who will turn down us and maybe will be the one who is also taking advantage on us all the while witout realising it.

5. believe in your instict - sometimes our gut already warns or signals us on something but we always ignore that feeling inside. put into consideration to listen to your guts.