Tuesday, January 22, 2008

procrastinate no more

ha ha this word is more or less synonym with me. i have to admit that for instance i m yet to snap the pictures of my dad's stuff meant for so called car boot sales. i promised earlier to help him clearing off the house. tomorrow is a public holiday (thaipusam) so i have to make that photo things done..by hook or by crook tomorrow. i must i must i must do that

i did pack all my old PC things last sunday (after give a thought to do that so longgg ago) and gave it to one of my colleague (for his son actually) this morning. isn't it cool? it take times to transform myself. at least i have started to 'wake up' i have to praise myself for doing wonders last week. i managed to rush between 2 banks for me to do that early settlement thing..relieved! everything went well as per plan even with little evil way (it was almost 11am when i reached the office!..ampun ye bos, i hv to create a reason. purposely for not procrastinate doing that thing anymore)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

look back

well it's been 16 days we are in the new year, 2008 and for muslims, after 6 days of our new year of 1429H....what have u got so far? i reckon in the beginning many ppl are busy with their new year resolution bla bla (me too..no exception) but tonite it popped up in my mind...hey why dun we look back throughout the whole year of 2007, the wrong things or the no-no things that we did. why dun we just sit and look back then plan for the corrective actions..not to repeat the wrong doings of 2007. hmm it's much easier i guess. simpler than make a new resolution. after all the target is to be a better person...at least not repeating the wrong things that we did in 2007 or past years are also towards to be a better person...isn't it?