Saturday, February 16, 2008

have u ever smell the green?

i went to taman negara pulau pinang last weekend. using the balik pulau route to reach there was a fantastic experience. i wish i could snap more photos while ascending the bukit balik pulau. eventhough there are some road works there, the breath taking feeling never distorted. looking to the blue sky, blue greenish sea and all the lush green hills and durian orchards were lovely. being a nature lover myself, i am grateful that i had such experience to see them all and for the jungle trekking experience, pecah peluh beb..i walked along the trail. smelled the sea breeze and even can smell the leaves. it reminisced me with the trip to taman negara endau rompin long time ago.

Monday, February 4, 2008

cheerful faces - my sis n nephew n nieces

this pic was taken during my sis visit to bro's hse in shah alam.
i luv to see this cheerful faces in this picture. my bro is the only one married in the family and with these 4 adorable kids. just imagine where else mak long, mak uda, mak teh and pak su will turn to. seeing the smiles of adam, khairunnisa', yasmin, nabihah. (that is not including tok and tokwan lagi tu). we like to talk to them and sometimes have a chit chat over the phone and melayan apa yg patut. it is so soothing and refreshing being with the kids. so wonderful feeling. therefore i keep this pic on my handphone. each time i feel like tak de mood or slightly down...i like to scroll for all the pictures. the latest, this pic. hmm i believe, picture could bring happiness !